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Digitized Danish parish registers, part 2

jens poulsen sidse larsdatter sorterup denmark
The beginning of the entry for the marriage of Jens Poulsen and Sidse Larsdatter, Sorterup, Zealand, Denmark, 15 Apr 1856.

First off, sorry I got off my blogging schedule again. I just moved into a new apartment, so the past couple weeks have been busy with cleaning, packing, and unpacking.

In my last blog post, I promised I'd talk about what I found in the Danish parish registers, so I'm going to wrap those up for the time being with this blog post. I always bounce all over the place as I work on my family tree and sometimes that means I leave something unfinished while I pick up something else. So in the future, I'm not going to make any promises about what my posts will be about.

My great-great-grandmother Caroline Mary (Jensen) Gotsche was born in Sorterup parish on the island of Zealand in Denmark on 05 Jan 1867. The church still exists and has a website, featuring photos of the church interior. All of the items shown are old enough to have been there when Caroline lived there. (The second link opens a PDF file.) Caroline's mother was also born in Sorterup, while her father was born in the nearby parish of Nordrup, and the family lived in Finderup parish for a time, so those are the three parishes where I searched.

jens poulsen poul nielsen mariane nordrup denmark
The baptism record of Jens Poulsen, born 07 May 1825 in Nordrup, Zealand, Denmark. On the right are his parents' names: Poul Nielsen and Mariane. Poul and Mariane were my great-great-great-great-grandparents.

The family I was searching for consisted of Jens Poulsen and his wife Sidse Larsdatter, who had six children: Mariane, Nels, Maren, Caroline, Laura and Sophie. In the traditional Danish naming system, the children are given their father's first name as a surname. So all of the children had the surname Jensen (son of Jens) after their father Jens Poulsen. In turn, Jens' father was named Poul Nielsen. Sidse Larsdatter had the feminine form of the surname (datter = daughter); her father's name was Lars Hansen.

In the parish registers, I found the baptism records for all six children and both parents, as well as the marriage record for Jens and Sidse. I also completely accidentally stumbled across a record for the baptism of a girl named Ellen Larsdatter, who seems to be Sidse's sister.

Thanks to these records, I've confirmed the birth dates of my great-great-grandmother Caroline and her siblings and parents. I've also found out the names of Jens and Sidse's parents, and gotten a start on reconstructing Sidse's family by finding her sister. I'm sure there are many more records for my family that I haven't seen yet, and I look forward to finding them.

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