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Peter Herbert Gauslin, Lydia Jane Moore, and their children

Peter Gauslin and Lydia (Moore) Gauslin were my great-grandparents.

Peter Herbert Gauslin was born on July 28, 1878 in either Stephenson, Michigan or Green Bay, Wisconsin. His parents were John Henry Gauslin and Mary Jane (Montgomery) Gauslin.

On December 3, 1904, Peter married Mabel Edith Wood. Mabel was born March 18, 1888 in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. She was a friend of Peter's sister Edith Anora (Gauslin) Nault Moore.

Peter and Mabel had at least seven children. Two were either stillborn or died in infancy, and I don't know their names. The other five were:
  1. Orville Adrison Harvey Wood Gauslin (1906-before 1910)
  2. Arvella C. (Gauslin) Riedel Guse (1907-1970)
  3. Florence Gauslin (1910-1918)
  4. Gertrude Alice (Riley) Fredericksen Cook (1912-1990)
  5. Herbert Eugene "Herbie" Gauslin (1913-after 1940)
Peter and Mabel got divorced in 1916 or 1917 and in February 1917, their four living children were taken to the state orphanage in Sparta, Wisconsin. Gertrude was adopted almost immediately by Robert and Doris Riley, who she had been living with. The remaining three children were placed with various families, but not adopted. Florence died of influenza at the orphanage, while Arvella and Herbie aged out and reunited with their mother. Because Gertrude had been adopted, the orphanage would not tell her biological family where she was, and they never found her.

Mabel remarried twice. She married John Carl Wellehan in 1919, and after his death in 1936, she married Starr Hillis Wallis. Mabel adopted two children with her second husband, Lillian May Janicke and Donald J. Wellehan. Mabel died on February 11, 1963 in Chicago, Illinois.

In 1916 or 1917, Peter married Lydia Jane "Jennie" Moore. Jennie was the stepdaughter of Peter's sister Edith, and was about 17 years younger than him. Jennie was born September 10, 1895 in Birnamwood, Wisconsin to Ferdel S. "Fred" Moore and Augusta Frederika (Thiede) Moore.

Peter and Jennie had seven named children. There was also at least one stillbirth or miscarriage. Their children were:
  1. Pelagia Olive "Peg"/"Peggy" (Gauslin) Christopherson (1917-2004)
  2. Fermal Ida "Fern" (Gauslin) Krahn Elmore (1921-1994)
  3. Howard Alto "Alto" Gauslin (1923-1931)
  4. June Eunice (Gauslin) Daft (living)
  5. John Ivan "Jack" Gauslin (1928-2003)
  6. Marlyn Evelyn Pellow (1930-2002)
  7. Carol Lee (Parks) Grimsley Hartshorn (1934-1962)
Peter was injured in a car accident on July 4, 1931, and had "a series of convulsions" in January 1932. Peter suffered a stroke in January 1933, and as a result, he was committed to the Northern Hospital for the Insane in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. In May of the same year, he was transferred to the Outagamie County Asylum for the Chronic Insane in Appleton, Wisconsin, where he died on February 18, 1934.

Jennie died of tuberculosis at her father's home in Rhinelander, Wisconsin during a statewide heat wave on June 3, 1934. The surviving six children were sent to live with various relatives, friends, and others. Peg worked for a dentist's family in Minocqua, Wisconsin. Fern briefly lived with the Strong family of the town of Maine, Outagamie County, Wisconsin. The Strongs were Jennie's paternal cousins. June was raised by her maternal grandparents in Rhinelander, as was her brother Jack, though Jack briefly lived with another family. The two youngest children, Marlyn and Carol Lee, were adopted by other families, Archie and Lena (Ziglinski) Pellow of Rhinelander, and Harrell and Elizabeth (Copeland) Parks. The Parks family were neighbors of the Strongs in the town of Maine.

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