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Carl Frederick Stacke, Augusta Martha Dombrowe, and their children

Carl Stacke and Augusta (Dombrowe) Stacke were my great-great-grandparents. Their daughter Lydia (Stacke) Revie was my great-grandmother.

Carl Frederick (Stache) Stacke
born August 16, 1868 in Breslawitz, Prussia (modern-day Wrocławice, Poland)
died December 13, 1930 in Marshfield, Wisconsin

Augusta Martha (Dombrowe) Stacke
born August 14, 1880 in Breslawitz, German Empire (modern-day Wrocławice, Poland)
died April 30, 1976 in Neillsville, Wisconsin

Carl Frederick Stache and Augusta Martha Dombrowe were born in the same small town. When Carl was born it was part of Prussia and was incorporated into the newly-formed German Empire in 1871. After World War II, Breslawitz became a part of Poland and became known by its Polish name. Carl's parents were Friedrich Stache and Johanna Karoline (Bergander) Stache. Augusta's parents were Emil Dombrowe and Caroline (Gammer) Dombrowe. The two families must have known each other well, because Carl and his future father-in-law Emil emigrated to the United States together, arriving in New York City on Sept. 30, 1891. Augusta, along with her mother and siblings, followed on May 19, 1892. The Dombrowe family settled in Pine Valley, Wisconsin, a town outside of Neillsville. On Jan. 10, 1897, Carl and Augusta were married at First Saint John's Lutheran Church in Neillsville. They lived and farmed in Pine Valley until about 1909, when they moved to rural Colby, Wisconsin, where they had a dairy farm and raised their eleven children. During this time, the spelling of the family name changed from Stache to Stacke.

Carl developed stomach cancer in 1930, and died at a hospital in Marshfield. In 1940, Augusta was living with her son Adolph and his family in Colby. She later moved to Curtiss and Abbotsford, and moved to the Memorial Nursing Home in Neillsville on April 6, 1966, living there until her death ten years later. Carl and Augusta are buried in the Colby Memorial Cemetery in Colby.

Augusta Martha Dombrowe Carl Frederick Stacke Colby Cemetery
Augusta and Carl's graves at Colby Memorial Cemetery.

Carl and Augusta's eleven children were:
  1. Martha Augusta (Stacke) Krueger Koerner (1897-1959)
  2. Lydia Clara Minnie (Stacke) Revie (1899-2001)
  3. Herman Carl Frederick Stacke (1902-1996)
  4. Emma E. Ida "Betty" (Stacke) Clark Pasquesi (1904-1987)
  5. Adolph William "Otto" Stacke (1906-1972)
  6. Louise Florence (Stacke) Olson (1908-2005)
  7. William Ronald A. Stacke (1910-1977)
  8. Frieda Ruth "Fay" (Stacke) Hanson (1912-2005)
  9. Walter Arthur Adam Stacke (1914-1994)
  10. Adeline O. (Stacke) Miller (1917-2015)
  11. Ethel Lorraine (Stacke) Hansen (1919-2013)

1. Martha Augusta (Stacke) Krueger Koerner
born May 9, 1897 in Neillsville, Wisconsin
died December 15, 1959 in Curtiss, Wisconsin

Martha was the oldest of eleven children. She grew up on her parents' farms in Pine Valley and Colby. On January 24, 1917, she married Frederick Otto "Fred" Krueger in Green Grove, Wisconsin. She and Fred had four children before Fred's death from appendicitis on Feb. 12, 1930 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Martha continued to operate the family farm with help from her children and her brother Adolph, but by 1940 she had moved to Curtiss. On Dec. 7, 1940, Martha married Ervin August Koerner, who had been widowed twice himself. They didn't have children together, but Ervin had three children from a previous marriage. Martha died in her home on Dec. 15, 1959 of a heart attack that happened while she was folding clothes. Martha's second husband Ervin lived until Dec. 25, 1980, when he died in Neillsville. Martha and both of her husbands are buried at Pine Hill Cemetery north of Curtiss.

2. Lydia Clara Minnie (Stacke) Revie
born December 28, 1899 in Pine Valley, Wisconsin
died November 16, 2001 in Park Falls, Wisconsin

Lydia was born at 9:00pm in the town of Pine Valley, where she lived until her family moved to Colby around 1909. She worked as a housekeeper in Oshkosh, Racine, and Milwaukee, where she was employed by the Fischbach family. She met Frank Martin John Revie in Racine, and they had three children together. After their marriage on March 5, 1927 in Milwaukee, Frank and Lydia moved to Janesville and then back to Racine, where Frank worked various jobs, including rubber worker, tire builder, cement worker, and a job at a filling station. In 1931, shortly after Lydia's father's death, Frank and Lydia moved to a dairy farm in the town of Mayville, Clark County, Wisconsin, outside of Dorchester. They lived on the farm until 1961, when they moved to Abbotsford, followed by moves to the town of Maine (south of Merrill in Marathon County) in 1966, and back to Dorchester in 1976. Frank died on July 20, 1985 of renal failure at St. Joseph's hospital in Marshfield. Lydia continued to live in Dorchester for many years, later moving to an assisted living facility in Phillips, Wisconsin. She died of heart failure at Flambeau Hospital in Park Falls at nearly 102 years of age. Frank and Lydia are buried together at the Dorchester Memorial Cemetery in Dorchester.

Lydia Clara Minnie Stacke Frank Martin John Revie Dorchester Cemetery
Lydia and Frank's graves at Dorchester Memorial Cemetery.

3. Herman Carl Frederick Stacke
born July 20, 1902 in Clark County, Wisconsin
died March 15, 1996 in Evanston, Illinois

Herman married Emma Weideman around 1926. She died along with their infant child on May 29, 1927 in Abbotsford, Wisconsin. Emma and the unnamed infant are buried at the Abbotsford Cemetery. Herman continued to work on his parents' farm in Colby until the early 1930s, when he moved to Two Harbors, Minnesota, the hometown of his second wife, Rosalie A. Monahan. By 1940, Herman and Rosalie lived in Evanston, Illinois, where Herman had a job as a silverware polisher and Rosalie kept a lodging house. Herman and Rosalie had at least one child. They both died in Evanston, Herman on March 15, 1996 and Rosalie on Sept. 23, 1998. They are buried at Lake Forest Cemetery in Lake Forest, Illinois.

4. Emma E. Ida "Betty" (Stacke) Clark Pasquesi
born May 4, 1904 in Clark County, Wisconsin
died February 17, 1987 in Portland, Oregon

Betty's first husband was a man with the last name Clark. They were divorced before 1940, when Betty was living in New Trier, Illinois and working as a cook. By 1943, she was married to Theodore James "Ted" Pasquesi, an orthopedic surgeon, and they were living in Portland, Oregon. Betty died in Portland on Feb. 17, 1987 and Ted died on March 15, 2002 in Lake Forest, Illinois. Both are buried along with their only son at River View Cemetery in Portland.

5. Adolph William "Otto" Stacke
born January 30, 1906 in Pine Valley, Wisconsin
died September 18, 1972 in Marshfield, Wisconsin

Adolph was raised on his parents' farm in Colby. His birth name was Gustav Adolph William - he did not like the name Gustav and had his name legally changed. In 1930 he was living with his older sister Martha on her farm in Green Grove. On June 23, 1936, he married Marion Margaret Dietrich in Colby. They had three children and lived in Colby and Curtiss before moving to Abbotsford. Adolph died on Sept. 18, 1972 and Marion died on Dec. 1, 2002. They are buried in Abbotsford Cemetery.

6. Louise Florence (Stacke) Olson
born July 2, 1908 in Pine Valley, Wisconsin
died February 5, 2005 in Prospect Heights, Illinois

Louise grew up on her parents' farms and in 1930, she was living in New Trier, Illinois and working as a maid. She married Charles L. Olson on Dec. 2, 1933 in Cook County, Illinois and they had one child. Charles and Louise lived in Evanston, Illinois, where Charles worked as an accountant and office manager for Northwestern University. Charles died on Sept. 8, 1979 and Louise died on Feb. 5, 2005. Louise and Charles are buried at All Saints Catholic Cemetery in Des Plaines, Illinois.

7. William Ronald A. Stacke
born December 30, 1910 in Clark County, Wisconsin
died April 9, 1977 in Wausau, Wisconsin

William worked on his parents' farm in Colby until he married Sylvia Augusta Kobs on Oct. 16, 1935 in Dorchester, Wisconsin. They lived on a farm in Colby and had one daughter before divorcing. Sylvia died on Dec. 19, 1994 in Wausau and is buried at Colby Memorial Cemetery in Colby. William married Mary Ann Rose (Brill) Bailey on Oct. 25, 1969. William died on Apr. 9, 1977 in Wausau, and Mary Ann died on March 29, 2014, also in Wausau. William and Mary Ann are buried at Restlawn Memorial Park in the village of Maine.

8. Frieda Ruth "Fay" (Stacke) Hanson
born October 1, 1912 in Colby, Wisconsin
died April 19, 2005 in Chicago, Illinois

Fay grew up on the family farm in Colby. In 1933, she was living in Evanston, Illinois and working as a maid, and in 1940, she was living in Chicago and working as a "nurse girl." She married Robert G. Hanson on Jan. 19, 1943 at North Shore Baptist Church in Chicago. Robert was a lawyer at the firm of O'Keefe, Ashenden, Lyons & Ward. He died at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago on May 13, 1991. Fay died on Apr. 19, 2005 in Chicago.

9. Walter Arthur Adam Stacke
born September 22, 1914 in Colby, Wisconsin
died October 10, 1994 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Walter lived in Colby until 1938, but was living in Evanston, Illinois in 1940. On Apr. 23, 1941, he joined the Army and served until his discharge on June 14, 1945. Walter moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he worked at Prudential Insurance Company until his retirement in 1977. He married Jacqueline Mae McMinn on Apr. 7, 1945 in El Paso, Texas. Walter died on Oct. 10, 1994, while Jacqueline died on Dec. 25, 2006 in Albuquerque.

10. Adeline O. (Stacke) Miller
born May 6, 1917 in Clark County, Wisconsin
died February 1, 2015 in Abbotsford, Wisconsin

Adeline grew up in Colby. She married Wilbert F. Miller on Oct. 22, 1938 in St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Green Grove, Wisconsin. They had one daughter and lived together in Green Grove, and Curtiss. Wilbert died on Aug. 6, 1980 in Wood County, Wisconsin. Adeline then lived in Abbotsford until her death, where she worked for the Phonograph-Tribune newspaper. Adeline and Wilbert are buried at St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery in Green Grove.

11. Ethel Lorraine (Stacke) Hansen
born July 21, 1919 in Colby, Wisconsin
died March 26, 2013 in Yakima, Washington

Ethel was the youngest of eleven children, growing up on a farm in Colby. In 1940, Ethel lived in Chicago and worked as a "salad girl" in a tea room. She married Evret Hopkin "Kenny" Hansen on May 26, 1945 in Long Beach, California, where she worked a a car hop at the Tom Tom Cafe. Ethel and Kenny later lived in Phoenix, Arizona before moving to Yakima. They had a son. Ethel died in 2013, and Kenny died on Sept. 2, 2016 in Yakima.

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  1. Adolph Stacke was my grandfather. His name was originally Gustav Adolph William. He didn't like the name Gustav, so he had it legally removed. Otto was his nick-name. Adolph and Marion had three children: Phyllis Lea Stacke Brant , born February 28, 1938, died June 1, 1967; Robert Wayne Stacke, born August 19, 1939; and Dawn Elaine Stacke Stegaman Silva, born July 30, 1946. My name is Pam Stacke. Robert Stacke and Bonnie (Brodhagen) Stacke are my parents.