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Charles Revie, Henrietta Seymour, and their children

Charles Revie and Hattie (Seymour) Revie were my great-great-grandparents. Their son Frank Revie was my great-grandfather.

Charles Revie
born June 15, 1861 in Maine, Wisconsin
died January 1, 1926 in Wausau, Wisconsin

Henrietta E. Bertha “Hattie” (Seymour) Revie
born April 2, 1875 in Wausau, Wisconsin
died March 25, 1963 in Racine County, Wisconsin

Charles Revie Saint Peter's Lutheran Cemetery Wausau Wisconsin
Charles Revie's Grave
Charles Revie was the second child of Frank Xavier Revie and Fredericka Louise (Thiel) Revie. He was born in the town of Maine, Wisconsin outside of Wausau. He lived and farmed in the Wausau area for his entire life, also working as a logger for a time. Hattie Seymour was the daughter of Nelson Seymour and Henrietta (Schellin) Seymour, and also grew up in the Wausau area. Charles and Hattie were married on Oct. 13, 1894 in the town of Easton. They had fourteen children and lived together in the town of Texas until Charles' death, after which Hattie continued to run the family farm with her children. Sometime before 1960, Hattie moved to Lindermann Avenue in Racine to live with her son Aaron. Charles and Hattie are buried at St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery in the town of Wausau, along with their son Edward and Charles' parents.
Henrietta Hattie Seymour Revie Saint Peter's Lutheran Cemetery Wausau Wisconsin
Henrietta Revie's grave.

Their fourteen children were:
  1. Lloyd Paul Emil Revie (1895-1984)
  2. Aaron Charles August Revie (1897-1972)
  3. Frank Martin John Revie (1898-1985)
  4. Vesta H. Bertha (Revie) Jonas Wilson (1900-2006)
  5. Eva Marie Albertine (Revie) Christensen (1902-1946)
  6. Hattie C. (Revie) Alcott (1904-1995)
  7. Roger Edward Fredrich Revie (1905-1933)
  8. Constance Venita Endora (Revie) Derus (1907-1981)
  9. George Gerald Howard “Gerald” Revie (1909-1993)
  10. Xenia J. Revie (1911-2006)
  11. Edward Revie (1913-1913)
  12. Ned Earl Ralph Revie (1914-2004)
  13. Cedric Sidney Leonard “Slim” Revie (1916-2006)
  14. June Wanita Elaine (Revie) Carver Smith (1920-2015)
Revie family graves at St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery.

1. Lloyd Paul Emil Revie
born June 21, 1895 in Wausau, Wisconsin
died January 6, 1984 in Wausau, Wisconsin

Lloyd grew up on the family farm in the town of Texas. At the time the 1920 census was taken, he was serving in the U.S. Army at Camp Knox (later Fort Knox), Kentucky. He worked for Standard Oil of Indiana in Wausau and married Helen Louise G. Pfaff. Lloyd and Helen had four children. Lloyd died in 1984 and Helen died on July 29, 1987 in Wausau. They are buried, along with their son Arden, at Restlawn Memorial Park in the village of Maine.

2. Aaron Charles August Revie
born January 29, 1897 in Wausau, Wisconsin
died February 24, 1972 in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin

Aaron grew up with his family on their farm in the town of Texas. He served in the U.S. Army during World War I from May 31, 1918 to Jan. 6, 1919. After his military service, he returned to Texas before moving to Racine, Wisconsin in 1924 along with his brother Frank. Aaron worked at Ajax Rubber Company, and later at Nash-Kelvinator Corporation until his retirement in 1965. In about 1929, Aaron married Louise Blanche “Blanche” Smith in Janesville, Wisconsin. Aaron and Blanche had three children. In 1942, Aaron was described as five feet and ten inches tall, weighing 160 pounds with brown eyes, brown hair, and a ruddy complexion. Aaron and Blanche were Jehovah's Witnesses. Aaron died at High Ridge Hospital and Blanche later died in Janesville on Jan. 26, 1986. Aaron is buried at West Lawn Memorial Park in Mount Pleasant.

3. Frank Martin John Revie
born December 24, 1898 in Texas, Wisconsin
died July 20, 1985 in Marshfield, Wisconsin

Frank, like his siblings, grew up in the town of Texas. He moved to Racine by 1923 and worked at Ajax Rubber Company with his brother Aaron. While in Racine, he met his future wife, Lydia Clara Minnie Stacke. Frank and Lydia had three children together. After their marriage on March 5, 1927 in Milwaukee, they moved to Janesville and then back to Racine, where Frank worked various jobs, including rubber worker, tire builder, cement worker, and a job at a filling station. In 1931, shortly after Lydia's father's death, Frank and Lydia moved to a dairy farm in the town of Mayville, Clark County, Wisconsin, outside of Dorchester. They lived on the farm until 1961, when they moved to Abbotsford, followed by moves to the town of Maine (south of Merrill in Marathon County) in 1966, and back to Dorchester in 1976. Frank died on July 20, 1985 of renal failure at St. Joseph's hospital in Marshfield. Lydia continued to live in Dorchester for many years, later moving to an assisted living facility in Phillips, Wisconsin. She died of heart failure at Flambeau Hospital in Park Falls on Nov. 16, 2001 at nearly 102 years of age. Frank and Lydia are buried together at the Dorchester Memorial Cemetery in Dorchester.

4. Vesta Henrietta Bertha (Revie) Jonas Wilson
born October 21, 1900 in Texas, Wisconsin
died February 9, 2006 in Weyauwega, Wisconsin

Vesta graduated from the River Falls Normal School in River Falls, Wisconsin in 1917 and the Marathon County School in 1919. She worked as a teacher in the Wausau area. She married cheese maker Walter Carl Ferdinand Jonas on Sept. 16, 1924, and they moved to Chicago, Illinois, where Walter worked in elevator maintenance and owned a gas station. They had one son. Walter died on October 19, 1962. In 1972, Vesta married Orville Joseph Wilson. They lived in Waupaca, Wisconsin, where Orville died on June 19, 1992. Vesta lived to the age of 105 and is buried at Cedar Park Cemetery in Calumet Park, Illinois.

5. Eva Marie Albertine (Revie) Christensen
born December 3, 1902 in Wausau, Wisconsin
died September 29, 1946 in Waukegan, Illinois

Eva married Arthur Christensen on Nov. 20, 1922 in Cook County, Illinois and they had two children. Arthur worked in trucking and was a village trustee in Winthrop Harbor, Illinois. Eva died at the age of 43 in 1946, the youngest of her siblings besides her infant brother. Arthur died in Kenosha, Wisconsin on June 29, 1988. Eva and Arthur are buried at Pine View Memorial Park in Beach Park, Illinois.

6. Hattie C. (Revie) Alcott
born May 17, 1904 in Wausau, Wisconsin
died October 18, 1995 in Beloit, Wisconsin

After growing up on the family farm, Hattie moved to Beloit, Wisconsin and married Kenneth Orvill Alcott on Aug. 14, 1929. Hattie worked as a cashier at a restaurant and at Fairbanks-Morse and Kenneth worked as a contractor. They had two children. Kenneth died in Beloit on Aug. 6, 1975 and Hattie died in 1995. Both are buried at Eastlawn Cemetery in Beloit.

7. Roger Edward Fredrich Revie
born July 30, 1905 in Texas, Wisconsin
died August 7, 1933 in Prescott, Arizona

Roger grew up on a farm in the town of Texas with the rest of his family and lived there until at least 1920. In 1925, he was living in Racine and working at a rubber factory with his brothers Aaron and Frank. In 1930, Roger lived in Chicago and worked as an assistant stock man at a hospital. I have not found any records of Roger after 1930. Roger died of tuberculosis in 1933 at the Yavapai County Hospital in Prescott, Arizona and was buried in the hospital cemetery.

8. Constance Venita Endora (Revie) Derus
born February 21, 1907 in Texas, Wisconsin
died March 31, 1981 in Bellingham, Washington

Constance was born in the town of Texas and moved to Milwaukee, where she married Sylvester W. Derus on Sept. 1, 1928. They had two children. Sylvester worked as a shoe cutter and later as a foreman at Filer & Stowell. He died on Jan. 13, 1963 in St. Francis, Wisconsin. Constance eventually moved to Bellingham, Washington, where she died. Constance and Sylvester are buried at Pinelawn Memorial Park in Milwaukee.

9. George Gerald Howard “Gerald” Revie
born June 5, 1909 in Texas, Wisconsin
died April 25, 1993 in Wausau, Wisconsin

Gerald - he preferred to use one of his middle names - lived and worked on the family farm until the 1930s. In 1940 he was working as a truck driver. He married Eva Minnie Edwards on March 21, 1934 in Chicago, Illinois and they had four children. Gerald died in 1993 and Eva died on Apr. 9, 2005 in Wausau. Both are buried at Restlawn Memorial Park in the village of Maine.

10. Xenia J. Revie (aka Xenia J. Rivau)
born July 9, 1911 in Wisconsin
died June 22, 2006 in South Beloit, Illinois

Xenia grew up in the town of Texas and moved to Beloit with her sister Hattie by 1930, where she changed the spelling of her last name to Rivau. She worked assembling magnets and as a bench worker at Fairbanks-Morse. Xenia did not marry or have children.

11. Edward Revie
born 1913
died 1913

Edward was born and died in 1913 and is buried next to his parents and paternal grandparents at St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery in the town of Wausau. Unfortunately, I don't know anything else about him.

Edward Revie Saint Peter's Lutheran Cemetery Wausau Wisconsin
Edward's grave is at the edge of the cemetery.

12. Ned Earl Ralph Revie
born August 25, 1914 in Wausau, Wisconsin
died June 8, 2004 in Wausau, Wisconsin

Ned lived and worked on the family farm, later moving to Wausau and working as a milk salesman. He worked as woodlands manager for Wausau Paper Mills until he retired in 1976. Ned married Mildred Marie Will in September 1942 and they have two children before Mildred's death on March 15, 1969 in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Ned married Marguerite F. Tewes on Dec. 22, 1973 at St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Wausau. Marguerite worked at Wausau Mutual Insurance. Ned died in 2004 and Marguerite died July 26, 2011 in Wausau. Ned and Marguerite are buried at Restlawn Memorial Park in the village of Maine.

13. Cedric Sidney Leonard “Slim” Revie
born June 13, 1916 in Wausau, Wisconsin
died May 8, 2006 in Paradise, California

Cedric lived and farmed in the Wausau area until Nov. 17, 1942, when he enlisted in the U.S. Army in World War II. He married Ethelwyn Marie (Kolden) Whitted in North Hollywood, California on Feb. 20, 1955 and they had one son. Ethelwyn had three children from her previous marriage. Ethelwyn died in Paradise, California on Sept. 12, 1984 and Cedric died in 2006. Both are buried along with their son at Paradise Cemetery in Paradise.

14. June Wanita Elaine (Revie) Carver Smith
born June 4, 1920 in Wausau, Wisconsin
died Sept. 19, 2015 in Tempe, Arizona

June grew up in the Wausau area and moved to Phoenix, Arizona between 1940 and 1945, where she worked at AiResearch. She married George Russell “Russell” Carver, one of her coworkers, and they had at least three children, while Russell had at least one child from his first marriage. Russell died on Dec. 31, 1975 in Phoenix. June remarried to a man with the last name of Smith and eventually moved to Tempe, Arizona. She died last month at the age of 95.

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